Introduction to Crop Circle Star Glyphs

Rod Bearcloud Berry has been painting since he was twelve years old. His spiritual art has evolved over the years as he followed the traditional Native American ways of his ancestors.  Stories of ancient symbols and Native American spirituality come alive as people begin to look deeper into his work. Many who view his work see the intrinsic symbols within.
For 30 years he has been involved in Traditional Native American Ceremonies as a daily practice. Because of the Earth Mother ceremonies that he is connected to, and the concepts that he has uncovered hidden within crop circles, many believe him to be involved in shamanic practices. His work carries spiritual qualities that can be felt in everything he does. 
In his artwork, faces etched in stone, and animals in clouds begin to emerge, telling a story. As a result, people see these symbols as the practice of spiritual shamanism. Bearcloud explains that he sees his work as the simple walking of the road. As a Native American artist of the Ni-U-kon-ska nation, a word meaning “Children of the Middle Waters,” he continues to paint the stories that he believes are important to people and the Earth Mother at this time.  He suggests the earth and its people are trying to awaken a nature of spirit long forgotten. He believes we are trying to understand our true connections with the Earth, Sky, Universe, the Great Mystery; these higher powers to which all are connected. 
Bearcloud’s paintings come to him as visions from deep within his spirit, and he considers them to be a gift of the Universe, the Great Mystery. He has great concern for seeing the Earthmother heal and the people as well. He works diligently towards trying to assist in raising the consciousness of the planet to a place of more highly evolved beings who understand their true connections. His paintings are in collections around the world and can be found in Bearcloud Gallery at Tlaquepaque Square in Sedona, Arizona.
Crop Circle Research & Sacred Symbology
Since 1997, Bearcloud has been involved with the phenomena that has become known as crop circles. He believes many of them to be highly evolved sacred symbols. He is able to understand a great deal of these symbols because they reflect Native American spirituality. They are an inherent part of the native ways. They are universal symbols that are understood because of their overlapping similar qualities. He says that all indigenous nations have symbols like these in common; each nation being on a completely different path but with similar understandings. 
Bearcloud says that in looking back at many of the Crop Circle starglyphs, it is obvious that whoever has created many of them, comes from a highly advanced order of Universal understanding and consciousness. Many of the symbols carry unique expressions that we do not really possess as symbols in our archives, but they can be understood. 
Bearcloud believes that true Star Glyphs have inspired some people to want to go out and create symbols in the fields for themselves. So many are man made, especially in these later years after the year 2000. 
His focus is on starglyphs that reach beyond the ordinary, into a highly complex series of hidden symbols, messages that truly stretch us to higher orders of understanding. They carry the pure nature of the Universe as sacred geometry
The crop circle research that he does has unlocked many of these Star Glyph meanings.  Bearcloud explains that many of the symbols are mathematical in nature or intrinsically geometric. Geometry is the avenue by which the symbols are created for display. For example, some of them use fractal symbology. Such symbols are found in the Native American symbology, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and many other paths of spirit, as well as being mathematical formulas. However, many are unique and are only carried by one nation’s way of spirit. For example, the origin of the yin and yang symbol is Chinese and will only be found there, but the truth that it reflects is also found in other symbols of the Native American way. Hindus and Buddhists also have their own symbols that reflect into Native American and other indigenous symbologies.
Many of the symbols are only found in Native American symbolic languages. Many of the important starglyphs are individualized to what Bearcloud would consider an unknown nation, and although they are uniquely different, they can be understood. 
He has created this web site with crop circle articles, crop circle screen savers and much more.  He has a crop circle gallery that shows crop circle photos taken from aerial photography.  Bearcloud also has UFO photos and a UFO sighting he shows on his DVD’s. These and other crop circle DVD’s are found on this website. 
Bearcloud has come to call crop circles Starglyphs, and sees them as being created by the Star Nation people.