What Was Different About This Year?

This year was a spectacular one with formations. The Star Nations started early this year compared to the past few years and began with important Star Glyphs in rape seed. In England there was an intensity in the air. The Star Nations shifted their patterns from what they have done in the past. I noted that most of the important sites for the Star Glyphs remained untouched and had the researchers questioning what was going on.

People were patiently waiting for the appearance of formations in these special places. Day by day, nothing appeared in them. Many sites did not receive a star glyph. Others didn’t appear until just before the harvest of the field but when they came, they were spectacular. A great many formations appeared in fields in which the farmers stringently protested anyone entering. The formations were also appearing in distant places which were hard to get to. The question has arisen as to how come the Star Nations appeared to have made such a change. I believe the Star Nations did this with intention.


Waden Hill Before


Waden Hill After

The crowds of people that have been gathering to see the Star Glyphs has grown and have been overwhelming to the fields and the farmers. Many do not realize the damage caused from trampling on the wheat. At ground level, people will walk through unlaid wheat, causing permanent damage to the formations visible from the sky. It is difficult to see this at ground level because of the vastness of the formations. Many are the size of football fields. It is my belief they have redesigned their patterns of laying formations to curb some of the people from finding and entering them. I can tell you this, everything that is needed to be understood and felt in the glyphs, can be found in the photographs. It is not necessary to walk in them. The understandings that exist within them will last forever.