The Magical Starglyph at Waden Hill

It was nearly two years after the appearance of the Starglyph at Waden Hill, in June of 2007, that I was able to uncover the magical elements within this formation. It had appeared on July 16, 2005. To make this Starglyph even stranger were the facts surrounding its appearance. They were magical as well. What was uncovered within the Starglyph only supported its unusual, timely appearance, as if to be validated from the stars themselves. For me, it was somehow strange that in all the time I reviewed this Starglyph, feeling its importance, its contents never surfaced to be seen until 2007.

The day before the formation appeared I was in England and received a call from a friend in New York. My friend wanted me to see if a formation had appeared near Marlboro, England. She said she had an overwhelming feeling that something was going to appear there. Being already familiar with what had appeared, I knew there was nothing in the area. Discouraged she hung up the phone. I called her back immediately and said, “Oh yes, speaking of feeling something’s going to appear, I’m getting the strongest feeling something might happen around Avybury Stone Circle. I wanted to tell someone.” “Its on the record,” she laughingly said.

The day wore on and the feeling had gotten stronger. I began thinking there was a possibility I was energizing my own feelings about a Starglyph appearing, rather than some force outside myself compelling me.

I awakened at a quarter to three the next morning. The feeling was even stronger. I lay there debating whether I should go have a look or not. I was still feeling I had created this urge, because of the discussion with my friend the day before. A few minutes later, I decided I should go look. I got dressed and headed down the road. It was a half hour journey to this location. I arrived at the base of Waden Hill and tried situating my car’s headlamps where they would shine onto the field, but the incline was too steep. It was a medium, dark night, but the hill was too dark to see with the naked eye. I had a high-powered night vision monocular with me. When I viewed the field I noticed there was only one tramline visible from this angle. The top of the hill was also clearly visible as I followed its edge, looking for whatever I might find. I scanned the hill slowly several times but saw nothing but the quiet night in Avybury. I climbed back into my car and rolled forward a few feet to continue my journey. I felt compelled to look once more and stopped, climbed out, and looked again. The feeling had been so strong from the day before, I could not dismiss it so easily. I wanted to have a look from a slightly different vantage point. I walked about 50 feet along a fence, but still there was nothing.

I drove to my favorite field in England called East Field. From there I decided to wait for first light of the morning sun to awaken Turtle Island (the Earth). When it was light enough, I started a drive searching for any new Starglyphs in the fields. It was now around 4:00 – 4:15am. With a still lingering thought and compelling feeling about a Starglyph at Waden Hill, I wanted to return to see if anything might have appeared on the backside of the hill, where I couldn’t see earlier.

When I arrived, I saw a Starglyph had appeared exactly where I had looked only an hour or so earlier. It was near the top where I had earlier followed the line of the hill in the dark night with my monocular. I was surprised, yet I was not, as I made my way into the field. It was a half hour or forty-five minutes later that I took photos of the sun beginning to rise over the field. For me this had become a magical place to do morning ceremonies in honor of the coming day. I was also the first to enter the Starglyph. In the quiet morning, the lay of the wheat looked like water flowing all around it.

I would have to wait to notify people; no one would be around for a couple hours. When I left after the sunrise, no one had discovered the Starglyph as of yet. As it turned out, the farmer believed it was man-made and hastily plowed a tractor line through it, damaging part of the geometry only a few hours later. The damage was not extensive enough to prevent reconstruction with good computer programs.

06articlecircle2useA German friend questioned whether I had mistakenly overlooked the Starglyph on that night. It was also questioned whether it was light enough to be visible with night vision equipment. Two nights later, when similar conditions reoccurred, I went to look to see if the Starglyph was in fact clearly visible in the night. Unbeknownst to me, my German friend had the same idea. The Starglyph was visible in the night. My German friend also saw the Starglyph and confirmed its visibility. While I had told him I felt something might have appeared, I now felt it had become important that I looked twice that night to reaffirm if there was anything there or not.

It was a peculiar formation with twenty-four square spirals and a triangular center. The central triangle looked like a collection of three, finely placed number sevens, interlocked together. It was coined the term “Penrose Triangle;” a type of optical illusion.

In 2007, I decided to use the Starglyph as a representational piece of geometry for a special project I had been working on for many years called the Chameleon Project, soon to be released. I gazed into the Starglyph and like magic in the universe, hidden symbols began to pour from it. This sequence of stars led to a beautiful presentation of a doorway, never seen before, and fractal geometry unfolding a series of amazing correlations.

The Doorway

The first vision that came to me was a six-pointed star located in its geometry. I began by drawing a triangular shape within the central configuration, then created a traditional six-pointed star from that. I then placed two more of these same stars on the other similar points, as follows in the illustration. Its final appearance seemed to be chaotic, but in fact revealed incredible hidden fractal understandings.


The first set was the same fractal assembly that appeared at Milk Hill, which I have done several presentations on, and recently wrote an article about. Its comprehensive story can be found here.


The Milk Hill Starglyph contained seven unseen six-pointed star within it. This fractal example at Milk Hill displayed cutting edge mathematics showing the relationship between outer expanding infinity and inner expanding infinity. All of this was within the framework of this one Starglyph. This key Starglyph revealed an assembly of fractal geometry that to the best of my research, never existed until it suddenly appeared in the field. In a communication with Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot, both of the components within the Starglyph were discovered in fractal geometry. This presentation of these two components appeared to have never existed before. This made it an amazing and startling finding.

The highly complex matrix of six-pointed stars of the Koke fractal was revealed as a part of the unseen components of the Waden Hill Starglyph. This configuration of seven stars is found in three locations within the Starglyph, along its outer perimeter.


The second set of fractaling stars is located at the center. It is actually created from hexagons arranged point to point, which through its interlocking nature creates star patterns. It is the opposite of the first star arrangement in which the stars are point to point. This in itself, reveals a form of polarity important to this unique geometric expression, and also offers what I believe is a never-seen-before display of fractal symmetry. It falls in alignment with the natural flows of the Earth and is a relative of the qualities of night and day, because of the opposite nature of the two different star sets.
hackpenhill_aug_1997One of the first and most important formations to me personally to ever appear, was an unusual shape that appeared on August 18, 1997, at Hackpen Hill. This Starglyph contained an extremely rare and unknown Native American symbol. This rare symbol was first gifted to me in vision originally, and is a symbol that I ultimately created on a bracelet I wear. This bracelet became important to this story. It was the result of strange and synchronistic events that surrounded the symbol when it first crossed my path. I had never seen it before and at the time felt it was something only important to me.

I discovered this symbol existed in a cave in the northern USA, on ancient ancestral ground that is part of my distant kinship, my ancient ancestors. I had felt my ancestors had spoken to me because of the importance surrounding the events of that original vision. Through overlapping Native American ways of understanding Turtle Island, it translates to the path of the Eagles Spirit and also the Bear nation. Hidden within this symbol are other symbols that in the native traditions are called Gods Eyes, a geometric form used in many different ways throughout history. All of this has ancient understanding.


This all became significant to me eight years later in 1997, when the Hackpen Hill Starglyph contained this same symbol gifted to me in the vision. In the Starglyph there were three of them overlapping one on top another. I had designed three of the symbols on the bracelet. The design in the field was different however. The way it had appeared in the field revealed an array of additional geometric forms created from this overlapping symbol. I am soon to release a book that contains more about this symbol. These overlapping symbols create geometric understandings that flow like a fractal. It reveals qualities important to all people who are going through these shifting times and who are trying to understand other qualities of which we are constructed. Very few realize that.


It is important to note that the core matrix of the three unseen six-stars created by the triangular configuration of 7 shapes, appears to be the original creation of the geometry that appeared at Hackpen Hill in 1997. However, there are mathematicians that question this Starglyph to be a true fractal. In the spiritual sense, it’s like nothing else that exists and is like a fractal that flows like water from a waterfall.


 I believed the Star nations were showing me an understanding of this symbol at even higher levels relating to the universe and other dimensions of understanding. This formation is of magical importance. The Star Nations are speaking to us through a pure essence, common throughout the great expanse of the universe.

Another formation that ties with the Starglyph at Waden Hill was an amazing formation that that appeared at Wilton Windmill, in Wiltshire, on August the 7th, 2004. It was regarded as one of the most profound formations of the year. The central part of this Starglyph had incredible lay, creating a heavily built spiral at its center. The formation took on the appearance of a windmill because of the extended fan like pieces protruding from each of its points.

Interestingly, the unusual geometry makes sense when it is applied to the geometry of Waden Hill. Arising from these two glyphs is a beautiful correlation. It is truly amazing how the components of the formation at Wilton align with the geometry of Waden Hill, which appeared a year later.


There is another six-pointed Starglyph in which the components tie together so beautifully; it appeared at Milk Hill. This too, was considered a most impactful and amazing Starglyph and appeared on June 17, 2003, over a year before the Waden Hill Starglyph. When the perimeters of these two Starglyphs have been matched to the same size and superimposed one over the other, the central circle of the Milk Hill Starglyph correlates beautifully and perfectly to the structure of the very unique, never-seen-before, central core geometry of the Waden Hill Starglyph.


I also discovered a fractaling motion that exists within the Waden Hill hidden geometry. When I discovered the Waden Hill Starglyph’s central matrix contained an accumulation of six stars, it began to reveal another dimension in which the same configuration also applied into the Waden Starglyph. The same configuration of stars also relates geometrically to the entire Starglyph, as shown above.

There is a small geometric symbol that sits in the band of spiraling squares, which is a Native American symbol. It is a white buffalo symbol possessing a meaning often referred to “As Above As Below”. One can discover there are connections to other paths around the earth that have overlapping similarity connecting all indigenous traditions. These symbols do this in the most beautiful way.


There is a symbol found within the Waden Hill Starglyph that sits hidden in the outer band of spiraling squares. It the circle, square and circle. The circle and square are a native symbols found on petroglyphs and pictographs, though this is fairly unknown. A circle touching the square’s points, was once explained by an elder as having a meaning of divine balance. This is the balance that exists between the world of spirit or the universe, and one of our journeys through the material walk on earth. At the same time a circle just touching the inside of a square not only presents a beautiful polarity, but carries an important meaning. It is a symbol referring to inner harmony. I had never seen the configuration of the two together until I first discovered it hidden within the East Field Starglyph in 1998. It resembled a snowflake, although it was seven-sided rather than six. It was the first Starglyph I walked into, and ultimately I spent 3 years uncovering the amazing geometric understandings found in that one Starglyph.

The first element I uncovered was the circle, square and the circle. The very nature of the symbol shows advancement in understanding higher orders of symbols, resulting from the already known symbols that exist within the indigenous communities. It has taken these existing known symbols and combined them into yet another philosophical understanding. Soon after an article I had written about the sequence of symbols, a Starglyph appeared in the fields of Honeystreet, England that was a sphere, cube and sphere. It took this already expanded thought to yet another level of conscious understanding. The Star Nations revealed even greater magical doorways found within the silence of the star symbols.


One more important correlation exists with this Starglyph at Waden Hill that I am aware of. The central triangular part of the Starglyph houses the geometry of the circle, triangle and the circle. If you look carefully, you will see that an inner circle placed within the triangular shape just touches the points of the matrix of the central geometry of the Starglyph.

The configuration has been most important to me since my first involvement with the Starglyphs. I used it as the primary symbol on the homepage of my website that began around 2000.

It is my feeling this configuration represents the highest order known to exist. It might be likened to the thought of the triangle having to do with the representation of mind, body, and spirit, coming from spirit and connected to all spirit, represented by the two circles. One circle is found inward and the other outward, creating the balance and connection that exists in the oneness of all things.