Who Are the Star Nation People?

I have been asked many times who are the Star Nations to which I am always referring to in my talks and articles. Unless one understands the nature of the Native American culture, it can get confusing. We have a belief that we are related to the stars and have always been. It goes back into our history for thousands of years. One of my ancestral nations is Anishinabe, which means “People who fell from the sky”. The very name explains that we believe our origin is of the stars. In another one of my blood lines “Osage”, we have a star-mandrawing of a staircase with us walking down from the stars. It is a picture explaining our origin. I am of a clan called the Tiz-sho, which means the Sky People clan. That is why cloud is in my name. I am also of the Honga clan which is the Earth clan. That is why I have bear in my name. Native people believe we work with star languages. It is held as sacred in our culture. The connections to our star relatives are found in many things such as blankets, beadwork, paintings, wall hangings and is often in ceremony. The eight-pointed star is the most commonly used and could be said to be the native star. It carries many meanings but is a symbol of our connection to the Universe and the Earth. The belief we are connected to the stars in native culture is very common place.


We are the stars which sing
We sing with our light
We are the bird of fire
We fly over the sky
Our light is a voice We make a road
For the spirit to pass over
(Algonquian “Song of the Stars”)

We have star shields that carry spiritual understandings and essences and pictorially speaks of our connections to the stars. We understand that our spiritual and universal laws came from the stars. The native culture which spans 750 different nations in the US, feel we are connected with the stars nations and that they are our relatives. Our close relatives of Central and South America feel the same. We have names with stars in them, for example “Red Star”. We believe that we are so closely related to the stars that we call them the Star Nation People. In the same understanding we would also call the trees, the Tree Nation people, the Cloud Nation people and the Stones, the Stone Nation people. We also are of the belief that we have star relatives that have visited us and there are living star relatives existing elsewhere in our Universe. We are related to all celestial bodies so much so that we call them woman_dressrelatives. For example, the Earth Mother, Sky Father. The universe and the sky are seen as the Grandfather. The moon is the Grandmother. It is my belief that these universal symbols that are appearing around the world and mostly in England are from these Star Nation people. They have put many symbols in the fields reflecting their origin to be that of the stars. There are some of us who believe that these star relatives are putting these symbols in the field to heal an out of balance Earth. ghost-dance-shirt

We as people for the most part, have fallen into the traps of the material world and have forgotten our relatives. They wish to remind us. These star relatives are silent about their origin as they are all of these I have spoken of. It can be challenging for some people as the elements of the stars move into areas that are beyond the threshold of the logical mind, and swims in water that requires feeling and trust and higher sight. I can only say that our star relatives have given the people of Earth some of the most beautiful gifts imaginable, Star Glyphs.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Many Blessings