Formation June 21 Related to the Elements – The Longest Day


I first would like to thank you for participating in my request to extend gratitude to the  Star Nations for the help they have sent to our planet.

silburyhillj2106On June 16, 2006,  I wrote a letter to colleagues explaining that I had felt the Star Nations were going to send an important formation on the 21st.  I noticed several reasons for experiencing that feeling. This feeling was acknowledged when a formation appeared in Avebury in the early morning hours of June 21st. I had decided in advance to post an article on my site about the  Solstice, because my brother, Chief Golden Eagle (Wanblee Zee Zee), had the same vision of a formation appearing on that day.

Chief Golden Eagle is Chief of the Yankton-Sioux, on the reservation in South Dakota and is a spiritual elder that recognizes all spiritual and higher elements in our Universe. He was involved in writing a book called the (The Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Creator).

In my note to Golden Eagle and others, I mentioned the Star Nations might send a formation around the time of the Sundance<, feeling in my heart that it would appear on the 21st because of a personal ceremony I was involved in on that day.  Also because the Star Nations might recognize the efforts of the people when they unified to send a Voice.  Also because the Sundance recognizes the universal elements connected to the Solstice.

The Star Nations honor the conditions of our natural flow on Earth Mother. The Solstice is the longest day of the year, or one might say that it is the day of most light and least shadow.  It is day of sun and a day of the brilliance of the spiritual realms in the ways I know  the Universe to be.  The veils of the unseen are very thin. It is the time the sun sheds the most light on our world and the universe and offers the most light to shine down upon our sacred hearts and sacred journeys.

I didn’t really want to say the Star Nations might send a formation on my behalf, because I did not want to appear arrogant or presumptuous, as I am a humble person, but it was a feeling that kept dancing in my thoughts.  In the past, the Star Nations have directly sent formations in alignment with things in my world.

When Golden Eagle saw the same vision and made a statement to me about it, I decided to write a documentary of the Star Glyph after it appeared.  Golden Eagle told me that yes, there would be some kind of an appearance on the 21st, suggesting that the Star Nations might acknowledge my actions because of the ceremony taking place for me on that day.  He is aware of the many times the Star Nations have seemed to acknowledge me through the appearance of Star Glyphs in a field.

I am not trying to diminish the multiple realms in which the Star Nations acknowledge all beings, and I do acknowledge how they work with many in this world who are embarked on their own personal journeys.  At this Sundance, I was uniting in sacred ceremony with my lady, my sacred soul mate from all time. I was very aware of the timing of my personal event in terms of the timing of Universal and global energies.

In the bigger picture, the Sundance ceremony was a Universal acknowledgement of the coming together of Universal energies flowing within the Great Mystery. The Sundance on the 2006  Summer Solstice was also an acknowledgement of the male and female principles in the higher realms.  It appears as if the Star Nations have acknowledged these qualities, as they operate in wholeness, together.

Part of the clothing I wore for this ceremony, and in honor of the Sundance, was a wrap with a large eight-pointed star on it. It became very significant to me and many others that  the Star Glyph which appeared on Solstice morning marked the significance of the masculine and  feminine qualities operating together, because these aspects were  a part of its structure; intrinsic, though often unseen.

The head circle of the glyph or the circle just outside the larger one, I believe is representing the qualities we are connected to that are beyond time and space.  It can also be seen as beyond the elements of duality found in our world.  It is a circle that carries us to another place of sight.  It is the circle that we are connected to that also takes us to those same higher realms.

The Eagle Nations are the ones that guide our journey in this understanding.  The lay in the outer circle would have to do with this infinite, never-ending nature of such a connection. The lay spirals and swirls in a circle in a never ending manner.  The size of this outer circle, as well as the other two within the larger circle, is significant as it reveals unseen elements found within the Star Glyph.  This understanding can be found when comparing the size of the circle to the larger circle in the formation.  It creates an unseen eight-pointed star.

In doing so, this Star Glyph carries the way or understanding within it.  This star is the star that reveals the way of the Iktomi Waken (the Sacred Spider), and its eight legs.  It is the traditional Native American star and was the star that I had put on my ceremonial wrap for my personal ceremony at the Sundance.  I did this to acknowledge the universal powers that I felt existed and were there to help the people, and that represented my walk on the Earth Mother.  The figure shows these elements and how the eight-pointed star is found in the Star Glyph.


Last year I created a symbol from a vision that I had of a spirit called the Iktomi Waken (Sacred Spider), illustrated below.

In creating the drawing I saw it represented the universal elements of the Spider being,  as both the Yin/Yang (Female/Male) and Spider symbols are shaped by intersecting circles.

My star symbol / spider graphic was used for a Star Knowledge Conference and printed on a t-shirt I produced. The Sacred Spider represents the Universal essence of all things being connected at all levels.  It has to do with the connectedness found between one’s heart and the Universe, and the flow of energies from being to being; between the the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged nations, and All who are close to the Earth or under it.

If you look closely at the drawing, you well see that the central part of the Star Spider is almost the same as the glyph that appeared in Avebury, on the 21st of June.  The moon shape is turned towards the center, instead of facing towards the outer edge, in the same manner as shown in my drawing.  The opposing circle to the moons is solid, which for me is representing the nature of the sun.

The Star Nation peoples have sent similar messages in other formations in the past, like this formation at Chisledon on August 2, 1996, which I believe also represents the sun and the moon.


So the two circles within the larger circle of the Silbury Hill formation, June 21, 2006, represent to me the qualities of the sun and the moon.silburyhillj2106 This symbol is the coming together of the male and female aspects, in a place of perfect balance within the Universe.

The symbol of sun/moon, yin/yang, male/female, is an expression of the spiritual realms of light and shadow, day and night.  The Silbury Hill Star Glyph symbol shows the qualities of polarity that exist in human life because of our walk on the Earth Mother.

Polarity is a realm balanced and governed by the laws of the Universe.

The moon facing the center of the circle has to do with the understanding of inner sight.  The “legs” that appeared in my Sacred Spider drawing were created by intersecting expanding circles.

In June 21st Star Glyph formation elements similar to my drawing exist, but they are located in a different manner from my drawing, as they are shown within the crop circle.

In the Star Glyph the sun/moon symbol is shown within the larger circle almost as an Intuitive Feeling that connects the sun and moon disks together with an energy from within the lay of the crop. One can see that the symbol has a feel of magnetic or electrical elements in its design.


Silbury Hill Foundation – June 21, 2006


Silbury HIll Formation - Geometric Form

Silbury HIll Formation – Geometric Form


For me, this creates a harmonic balance between the two inner circles.  There is a perfect representation of energies flowing within the realms of the Great Mystery shown by all these elements within the larger circle.

The Star Nations are asking for all of us to look at our inward connection and the balance of the male and female spiritual principles found within all beings. In doing so, we open our world to the universal qualities that exist everywhere, and to the far reaching elements of our Universe.  They are asking us all to honor our sacred connection with people we know, and to take these connections to even higher levels within the universal consciousness.  The eight-pointed star and the Star Spider connects to all points in the Universe and has a harmonic resonate tone; it is a vibration felt throughout all things.

In late May, I received a letter asking why the Star Nations didn’t seem to be making any more glyphs. I wrote a reply saying not to worry about the Star Glyphs appearing.  I had said at the time, that I believed the Star Nations would respond with a Star Glyph around the middle of June.  That would be extremely late for the normal flow of Star Glyphs at this time of year.  It has been my belief the Star Nations are on a program in which the formations have been dwindling in quantity since the year 2000, to be completed but not ended by 2012.  I did seem to get a feel for the timing of the next Star Glyph and felt there was absolutely no worry.  The Star Nations seemed to respond to that feeling when on the 9th of June, they sent a glyph.  It appeared at North Farm, near West Overton, in Wiltshire, England.

The formation at Waterditch Farm, in Dorset, on June 11th, was a Star Nation yin/yang symbol.  They sent a very similar one in the past that I talk about in my video Seven Sacred Fires of the Star Nation People.   I feel that it was very serendipitous that this Star Glyph geometry expresses the balance that I am talking about so perfectly and so beautifully with this formation at Silbury Hill.

The three circles in the center of the glyph are a reflection of the three circles in the glyph at Silbury Hill.  I believe the Silbury Hill formation is the moon, the sun and that which is beyond time and space in the Great Mystery.  The formation at Waterditch Farm is a symbol used in balancing all forms of energy to align one to the cosmic realms.  It raises one’s consciousness to be in alignment with the natural flows of the Universe.  I believe the beings that created this symbol walk one of the highest paths in the known Universe.

The six-pointed star is an understanding found in the glyph shown above.  The six-pointed star is the alter that carries all of the ways that I have been expressing here.   It is an alter the Star Nations revealed they carried back in 1998, when they began putting the six-pointed stars in the fields.  It is also an alter carried by the Native American people but there are others who carry it as well on the Earth Mother.  Golden Eagle carries a six-pointed star alter, and I do too.  It is the infinite flow of the Universe and is the coming together of the earth and sky in a perfect way.

It is also my belief that we are in store for some very special glyphs in July.  However, it is somewhat of a challenge to my imagination that the Star Nations could send something as profound as what they may have sent to us in the past.  I can only wait and watch in a humble manner.