Cave Paintings

The Star Nation People have sent many symbols that are close to the hearts of indigenous people of the Americas. It has come time to explain some of these symbols that have been sent. I wish to say that I would not presume it to be my choice to do so, nor would it be any other Native Americans personal decision. It is something felt within ones own spirit to do so and is perhaps something being directed by the Great Spirit. It is time to come forward. These formations are something that were sent by the Star Nation People for all the eyes of the earth as these beings are relations of ours. fig1It is for these reasons that a little of the understanding is presented by myself and other indigenous peoples, in my most humble way. I will say these explanations are but a small piece of something that is endless in its understanding, endless as the universe These symbols are more than likely found within many indigenous nations around the earth. These symbols are the only common language that exist throughout the expanse of our universe. They can be understood as a language found within the philosophy of the Star Nation People. This can be assumed because they have considered it important to gift these symbols to us. In our most humble way, we can thank them for such a gift as they have sent them with honor to our sacred ground.

In the formation sent in Mid-July 1996, Fig. 1, the concept of a traditional Native American medicine wheel was expanded in view by these Star Nation People. Many of the symbols that are being sent by the Star Nation People are very ancient symbols used to understand ones self and the universe they exist within. There is an overlapping similarity between their symbols and ancient symbols of earth. The ancient symbols of earth have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Their meanings evolve and flow like the rivers and can take a lifetime to understand. Because we know that these symbols are ancient throughout earth, then we can assume the glyph being sent to earth by the Star Nation People is more than likely very ancient in their traditions as well Fig. 3. The nature of the universe is the same throughout it. It takes a very long time for a spiritual symbol to evolve to an understanding and become cohesive to its path and held as sacred by the people.

In the stone painting Fig. 2, is an example of how old and unchanged such symbols are. fig2This one is about five thousand years old. These ancient symbols like these formations, expand our level of understanding. They push us. Even though people may not realize it, these symbols can shift their world. These symbols are pure. These symbolic expressions are not tarnished by cumbersome words. They can easily be misinterpreted but are a pure state of understanding and consciousness, only isolated by the interpretation of ones own personal view point. As we interpret one of these symbols, the meaning becomes fixed and narrowed in its expression. So we must keep an open mind as not to fix an interpretation to these symbols. In this way, they can flow like the water and continue to assist our journey. At the same time they have a meaning that is important to understand.

fig3Many people have asked what does a medicine wheel mean Fig. 4. This is an explanation of it as I know it to be. It is a symbol of the heartbeat of the people and a drawing of ones self in harmony. It is the circle of life of no end and is where all things exist and is our walk with the spirit. It is where all things come together as one and is the soul of man. It is the fire within us as it rests gently in the spirits of the waters. It is our heart song of the buffalo and is the four seasons of our walk. It is the sleeping bear and the eyes of the Eagle Spirit. It is the fire within our lodge and the smoke that spirals gently into the Great Mystery. It is our connection to ourselves, the grass and trees, the deer and a cloud drifting gently across the sky of our spirit. It is the light in a dew drop of the morning sun and is the circle of nations. It is the connection to our brothers and sisters and all things around us from Stone People Nation to the Star People Nation. It is the four sacred winds that blow gently through us and the directions that we reach out to assist others on the walk of our circle. It is the Great Shield of Truth within the hearts of all    human beings, when they choose to listen closely and walk in harmony.

The medicine wheel is a symbol of the four directions. In the Native American way, it is the where all things come from in the spiritual realms and where all things are sent. fig4It is the four seasons. It is the earth, wind, water, and fire of which we are made. It is the cardinal four directions. This symbol exists across many cultures. This is only the title of the medicine wheel. It take a very long time to know its true nature. Many ceremonies are based on this symbol.

Why is it important to know this very primal call that seems to be coming forward at this time? Most people will see these symbols and ceremonies as nothing more than pagan rituals, not truly realizing their importance. Even today, the structures left behind by ancient people like the Celts with Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, mystify people as well as the Native American understanding of our cosmos. People do no realize these places were built with tremendous spiritual gifts that most people really don’t know today. How were the Celts able to move the stones of Stonehenge or the Egyptian the stones of the pyramids? I believe it is through the total utilization of these understandings. People have distanced themselves so far from it , they have lost site that these abilities can do anything at all. These glyphs will bring back these abilities and rebalance and realign our spiritual body with our material body. It will bring back these abilities that have laid dormant for thousands of years. As this is happening, it is then that people will begin to understand their true connection and abilities that can be found with our universe.

Many Blessings