Chilbolton – The Face of the Star Nation

chilbolton1Normally I write spiritual articles but it had come to my attention that the face which appeared in the field near Chilbolton had become considered by some a hoax. Because of former skills and knowledge that I possess I felt a need to right this article. I did not believe this is a man-made formation nor do I feel anybody will ever come forward to show they did it. I am a self-employed artist but the last position I held some 20 years ago with a company was as a manager of a lithography department for a text book publication house. Lithography is the process by which photographs can be converted into a workable image so they can be published. This process is known as a screen. This screen will break up a photograph into a very tiny dot pattern not really visible to the naked eye. However, when we put a screened photograph beneath a magnifying glass the dot pattern will become very apparent. This dot pattern is a photo mechanical process by which a color such as black will appear to have gray tones on a white paper and is required for any form of offset printing publication. This screen process cannot be done by hand, at least that I’m aware of. In the twenty years I was in this field I never saw this accomplished even though I worked with many experts . This photo mechanical process is extremely accurate for duplicating a photograph. If these dots are ever altered in some way, it becomes very apparent. If some foreign matter obscures the screen process such as a piece of lint or dust while converting a photograph to this dot pattern it will show on the reproduced photograph. It is considered irreparable as the dot pattern has been altered. Many people have attempted to repair this dot pattern by putting the production under a high intensity magnifying glass and with an etching tool or a needle go back into it and try to replace the dots. It always fails. The reason being is because the slightest change in the dot size will be very apparent when it is published and would be unacceptable. I believe it would be even more difficult to try and accomplish this photographic process large in a field. There is no real way to determine the size of the circles and the distance between them or their specific placement. If one of the circles was even slightly off from its position it would create the same problems and be very apparent when viewed at its appropriate size. If the circles in the field were off even one role of wheat it would be blatantly apparent when viewed at its appropriate size.

chilbpltfrmgrndThe lay of the crop in the field was very erratic and impossible to conjure any visual sense of what was happening. It looked a disaster. It wasn’t until it was view from the air that it could be seen for what it was. From this vantage point it was absolutely perfect. Every circle in the formation was amazingly precise creating the gray tones necessary for the portrait. Creating a dot pattern of a screened photograph would be more difficult than trying to draw or paint a portrait as accurate as a photograph. So, I would ask how many people could paint a photographic image so accurate one could not tell the difference between the painting and the photograph when put side by side. It is that same skill required , in fact even more to put a photo in a field and it would be on an impossible canvas as well.

I believe this portrait is a facsimile of the appearance of these beings putting the formations into the fields. Perhaps we are taking a glimpse of a civilization that does not exist on earth. What a special gift to have been given.

Many Blessings