Winds of the Star Nations

formationThe new year has begun in a way that is most illuminating. First, two interlocking circles, then a formation that incorporated two spirals. It is the second one that I would like to comment on at the moment. For those who are involved with the formations on an intimate level, what often occurs is a feeling there has been a personal communication. A communication between themselves and the creator of the glyphs or Star Nation people, a communication that is telepathic in nature. When I have gone to England, often times there is a formation that will create an impact with many people at the same time. I have been apart of this group many times with the same feelings but I have now come to understand this communication or connection in a different way and I would like to share that with you. Sometimes there will be as many as fifteen to twenty people whom I will talk to after a formation has appeared, who will be so moved by its appearance, it will leave them with a feeling that it was directed solely at them. Every person I talk to seems to carry this same exclusive view point. The best way to explain it is through a connection that I had with this formation at Hertfordshire, England, which appeared on May 3, 2004.

headinstarsI had just completed a segment of a new painting with the night sky. The focal point in the sky was a Native American with a feather on his head. Once I was completed, I sat and watched for awhile, pondering its completeness. Then a friend walked in. She asked if I had seen the new formation. She expressed with a leery voice, that it was somehow odd and asked if I would go take a look. I paused on my painting for a few more minutes, then went off and turned on my computer to see the formation in question. Much to my surprise, the formation took on the appearance of exactly what I had just completed in the night sky of my painting. For me, the formation appeared as an Indian head with a feather on top of his head, encompassed by a circle. It seemed to have a torso with shoulders. In the center was one petal of a flower. Its eyes were two opposing spirals. This formation could represent many different things but this is what I saw. Another person saw this formation as a person wearing a turban. For me the eyes were two spirals in opposing directions which are creating a symmetrical balance, the male and female principles. The spiral in the native way has many teachings. The one that is most common is the representation of the universe, which is what I had painted in the painting in the sky. The feather is the Eagles spirit, that which flies closest to the Great Mystery or Creator and a warrior symbol for the spiritual path. The circle, is spirit in its pure and simplest understanding. The circle encompasses the head. The single flower petal pointing downward partially creates the torso. It sits on the throat and points to the heart, a symbol of speaking the unfoldment of heart. The flower is an ancient spiritual symbol representing the aspect of unfolding or coming out. They have used this shape to represent flower petals in many formations.

We will learn that it is all correct and our interpretations represent our state of mind and where we are at with our views, in the present time. Each formation is the unfoldment of our viewpoint. It reveals our state of consciousness.

Was all of this a coincidence or a telepathic communication of some sort? I feel I have had many telepathic communications with these beings. However, I do not believe this was one of them, at least in the typical sense of one-to-one communication. I do not believe it was a coincidence either. In talking to many people who appear to have had telepathic forms of communication with these beings over the same formation, an understanding emerges. There is an ability paintingthat I possess, as do many others, which is to tap into or read the sacred winds. This sacred wind is also referred to by some as the universal consciousness. For me, this ability is something that has evolved through many ceremonies and as a result of my being a vision seeker. I have spent most of my life on this walk of spirit. The ability to read this sacred wind connects one to the oneness of the universe. All understanding can be found there. The Star Nation people who do these formations, also tap into the same oneness. Because of their spiritual abilities, they carry a strong presence in this sacred wind. When a person taps into this sacred wind and oneness, it can feel like this formation was done for them. A person who has connected with these beings can be said to have found an alignment with these beings in the oneness that exists. In truth, there is a one-to-one connection but with a little different reason and form than what is being realized by most. The result of connecting to the universal consciousness or sacred wind in this case, is an alignment of thought that is in alignment with the same thought of the Star Nation people, found in this same sacred wind. It is a connection so it feels telepathic. What is important to realize is this same connection can happen to many at the same moment and probably did but have different results to the display of the story that unfolds for each person. It is unlimited but does not preclude the universal law of freewill. People are often influenced by the sacred wind and don’t even realize it. Has one ever gone into a service station and discovered everyone else is there at the same time? One could have gone five minutes earlier and there would have been no one there. If one were to talk to a sales person at a clothing store, one might have discovered that on a particular day, even though everyone was unassociated with each other, these people came in to buy the same red dress for no apparent reason. This door is open and everyone is connected even if they don’t realize it. It is a rare ability to tap into this energy realm and be able to move with it consciously or read it and to observe its movements. It is not understood by most and even those who know it are still understanding its full extent and ways. In short, it is the ability to move into the same wind that the Star Nation people are in, as opposed to a direct one-to-one communication from one being to another, as this would be my definition of telepathy. I would suggest there were probably many other related incidents from around the world, had I the ability to check it out. It is important to strengthen and to realize these connections. It is also important for people to learn their full potential, abilities, their connections and what they are influenced by. But here, people have tapped into and experienced oneness of all things and are one with the Star Nation people. For a moment they dropped the barriers that most humans walk with, that says we are all separate, when in fact we are all one. This oneness extends into the far reaches of our universe and beyond. We are all related.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Many Blessings