First Formation 2003

This first formation will set the stage for the year and the gifts the Star Nations will be sending us. This formation appeared on the 20th of April, 2003 in
8ballHampshire. So what is this first formations significance? Take a moment and see what reflects back to you as you look into its understanding. This formation allows us to see the perspective by which we operate in our world. It does not judge, it only offers a vantage point for one to see ourself. It is the gateway of the eye of light. The two center circles are those of which we are made. It is black and white, soul and spirit, light and shadow. It is duality sitting within the circle of spirit. They are fastened together as if they are one. They influence each other. Although these circles can be perceived as broken, they can also be understood as circles with unseen elements. In the place where these two circles tie together, half of the circle is seen and the remainder is unseen. This is a geometric statement with spiritual significance. In eastern philosophy of thought and spiritual understanding, this can be representational of the manifest and the unmanifest.

I would ask this question … When we see a glass filled half way with water, is it seen as half empty or half full? This formation carries with it a
8ballbluesimilar understanding. This too is an expression of the mind and the way we view things. From the material world viewpoint, this star glyph will open the eye that reveals this symbol as a broken circle. It would be seen as two circles joined in a broken way. It is the obvious and that which sits on the surface of the conscious level. 8ballpan2Some will see it as a pool ball number 8, while others may see a broken infinity symbol. In my tradition, we might call it the broken hoop. The broken hoop is a symbol of the break in the connection of the people and the things around them, the people out of harmony. I believe this symbol is also the eye that sees and the gateway of our potential. This formation expands ones awareness. It shows a level of consciousness that could be described as climbing a hill to the top, revealing what was not seen further down that trail. This symbol offers the highest potential of consciousness. It expresses the road of earth and spirit or sky. It is the seen and the unseen. It is the manifest and the unmanifest. It is the expression of the all of which we are made and nothing. This formation reveals the display of the mind, nothing more nothing less. Where then does one stand on their journey as they walk on the Earthmother? This formation helps to reveal that. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, only ones way or view of the manifested journey in this walk on the Earthmother.

In this formation there are two circles that sit in the outer ring. With some help from people in England, I was able to find a compass direction of the these two circles. I felt this was a significant aspect of the formation. The geometric location of these circles did not seem to reveal anything at first. Then I realized the direction they were pointed in was the direction of the sunset. This is a place of balance that exists within our natural universe. It is something of importance within most indigenous nations on the planet. This first formation unlocks the understanding of perceiving ones own view and the nature of the world in which they operate.

Many Blessings