Tools for War? But Which War?

Lane End Down, Hampsh#D329C

July 2005
This is a teaching from the land of Two Eagles.
A beautiful gift arrived in the fields of Hampshire on July 10th, 2005. Within it, is an understanding as a gift from the Star Nations as an integral part of the Star Knowledge way. This can be seen through the reflection of the spirit in the formation.
Have you heard of the view of the half full, half empty glass of water? This is an observation about one’s self that can be made, and also often the way we are seeing the world around us.
What is it that one first observes when they see this glass? Is it a half full glass of water or half empty?
This new formation reflects a similar concept but in a more complex way. When we look at this image with the logical or material mind it appears that only one conclusion can be drawn from the image. Perhaps an ancient weapon as the spiked ball and chain of the roman gladiators; or maybe a more modern weapon, a sea mine.
Which ever way this glyph is viewed, it will more than likely be seen as a weapon of war, and so, will often times stir negative feelings.
Negative thoughts evoke the elements of separation, unknowing; right or wrong and the shadow.
It is important that we become conscious of our views because the energies our thoughts leave lingering in our spirits. When we take a view from a  perspective of separation, then only one conclusion can be drawn.
A very different perspective can be attained at another level. We see in new ways when we call on our higher powers of spirit.
Hidden within the geometry of this Star Glyph is an unseen six pointed star. This is a symbol of the union of Earth and Sky, and that of perfect balance in all that exists.
The significance of this image can be found in all things. It is the representation of the spiritual or higher path of spirit.
Together, the two elemental images of the weapon and the star, reveal a symbol of polarity. These reflect the elements of the seen and the unseen world, balance and chaos, harmony and disharmony.
Only by shifting into one’s higher powers of spirit does one arm one’s self with the tools of the spiritual warrior. Inner listening is necessary to see what truly exists, and to assist one’s self to a higher perspective.
Shadow cannot exist without the element of light. This is the balance.
So I ask: From what view do we see this formation? And are we using our full potential as beings of the Earth?
Many Blessings