The Web of the Great Mystery

2003 web

This symbol is a very old explanation of our connection to the great mystery, the universe. It is a creational symbol. This thought comes from a symbol found in many cave paintings which are still used today. One way it is shown is as a simple single circle.

In the center of this formation is another circle that is also found in pictographs, a circle with a dot at its center. This center circle along with the outside circle of the formation, creates this symbol. It is a symbol representing the sun (Father Sky in a traditional Native American way), also a male or masculine way. A circle with a dot at its center is a symbol that also represents the universe. This same symbol is seen through the eyes of the Buddhist as a symbol of the manifest and the unmanifest. It is a representation of the all and nothing.

The next circle out from the center is a circle of the Earth Mother or moon, a female energy. It can be likened to a symbol that is representative of our journey, our walk within the earth or the great mystery. The entire pictograph including the web, is a spiritual representation of elements that human beings possess within their own unseen realms. The ethereal connection we possess, that is a mystery to most human beings. Some times we call it the third eye, the sixth sense or the understanding of our greater connection to the universe or creator. This formation is a pictorial expression there is more to our universe than meets the eye. It is a symbol of our connection to all that exists. 2003_03This formation expresses that we are a part of a great ethereal web. We can be seen as one of the webs crossing paths or intersecting points. Each person possessing one of these intersecting points would then be similar in nature to its neighbor and shows the inner connectedness to each strand of the web. It explains that each person is intimately connected to all things, for example: the two legged, the four legged and winged nations and to all things of the universe. For me, it even explains our connection with other worlds and with other beings, and shows we are related and connected to them as well. The Star Nation people have sent this image from within the archives of their understanding, letting us know this common thread runs throughout the universe. It is one that is not only understood by people of the earth but other worlds within this same universe.

Sometimes this understanding is represented by the spider itself. Although a spider is often referred to as an evil or dark element, it has its equal representation on the the light side, as all things do. The spider is seen this way because of its ominous reputation. Most people will consider it something to run from as opposed to one of life’s great teachers. In my blood line is a people known as the Wah-sha-she, which means the tall ones. The life symbol of my people is the spider and there is an origin story that goes along with it. The spider is a part of all indigenous traditions and has many stories that it has spun.

There is a great spider that was created at the Nazca lines in Peru. It has mystified people with its existence. As an indigenous person, I feel I can understand it and possibly why it was created. So why did these ancient people do these large drawings on the ground? They can’t be seen from the ground. It is my belief these ancient people were visited by travelers in our universe. As a result of this connection, these people created the drawings that could only be seen from high in the air. It was done as a gift for the travelers of the universe, who had made a very special connection with the people. They wanted to let the travelers know they understood this great connection that exists and gifted it to them, knowing they would understand it. Each one of these drawings have a deep spiritual meaning and is held in high regard by those who understand their meaning. Any travelers that would return and see these drawings, would realize its meaning and they would serve as a friendly beacon.

There is another story that occurred in regard to this drawing of the web Fig. 2. I had drawn this web with circles and published it in a magazine in England. It was soon after that this drawing seemed to inspire one of the more well known hoaxers, Matthew. Matthew is well known for his claims to have made most formations. He had presented at a series of talks in London, explaining how he had so cleverly made this spider web formation. He projected this image on a screen before his audience. He explained that he created each section of the web from a central point on the outer circle. He did not realize my drawing was incorrect for how the formation would have been geometrically accomplished. 1998_01_spiderMy drawing was done with the intention of expressing a spiritual understanding and was not intended as a rendering of the way the formation would have been created. Each strand of the web that is closer toward the center of the formation required a greater circle than could be drawn from the outer perimeter of the formation. Consequently, this pushed the center point of each circle needed further out into the field. The points are represented by the white dots in Fig.3. The center points required to locate each of the strands are shown in Fig. 3. As one can see from this photo and many others that can be found, the field of standing crop is pristine beyond the formation. There is no damage by footprints as shown from the air. More importantly, the formation as it appeared could not have been accomplished in the manner as suggested by the hoaxer. The geometry of the web required different center locations to have drawn the formation in the manner in which it appeared in the field.

Many Blessings

Rob Bearcloud