Star Nation’s Special Art

fig1crabwdAs soon as we had the arrival of the Alien formation, the ideas of its’ origin and meaning were as vast as the number of people who have seen it. I could not help but laugh at the variety of ideas I’ve heard, I had to take a step back. Since that time, I feel I have uncovered some remarkable information about this formation as a result of my communication with some special artists. As an artist myself, I understand the creation of formation a little differently because my eye has been trained for details. I believe when something has been expertly done it takes on an air of simplicity. Its complexity can elude the common viewer who does not realize the art and the skill involved. People will often say that it would be easy to accomplish a certain thing when in fact this could not be farther from the truth. Most formations, including the Alien face fall within this category  Techniques and style can vary vastly from artist to artist as well. I do feel this is something that has not been recognized in most of the other formations by the skeptical viewer. I would hope to shed some light on this about the Alien face. (Fig. 1).

I recognize the art of the Alien face as an engraving form of art. The disk containing the glyphs that accompanied the face was done differently. This formation has been compared to and confused with another crop circle at Wabi Farm which was man made (Fig. 2). They are not related to each other. As an art form, they are entirely different. Their only similarity is that they are of faces and have lines, but so does a dollar bill and a ruled sheet of paper with a pencil portrait on it. This is an adequate expression of their differences.

First I will explain how the portrait at Wabi Farm was done. In order to duplicate a drawing of random edges one first needs points of reference to be accurate. fig2For example, how does one draw an outline of England? A good experienced artist can do reasonably well, but to be truly accurate will need points of reference. It can be done far more accurately, even by an unskilled artist if there are references. If one were to place a grid on a drawing of England it would break the image down into smaller segments. One only needs to recognize and draw what is contained within each small box. With another blank grid of relative proportions one can draw the lines from box to box corresponding to the original (Fig. 3). One can take what appears to be a very difficult drawing to a state of simplicity and in the end be very accurate. The woman’s portrait in the field was done this very way. A grid of horizontal lines were accurately drawn with the exact same spacing between them both on the original art and in the field. Once the grid was done of the field, it only required measuring the distance from the side of the drawing and counting the lines up or down to be proportional to the original drawing. Their grid of the original drawing could be one inch which might correspond to one foot on the field. For example, 3 feet in the field might be 3 inches in reference to the original. fig3gridThe people with boards etc. who have duplicated this drawing in the field might wish to start a piece of a drawing that is 2 and 1/2 grid lines from the bottom of the original to match 2 and 1/2 lines from the bottom in the field. It requires only a small amount of artist skill to do this type of field drawing but one must be accurate in translating the distances from the side to the piece they are drawing and accurately count the grid lines. The true artist was the one who created the original. The same holds true with glyphs that we have been gifted, every year by the hundreds. People do realize the challenge in the designs of the glyphs. People have been able to imitate some of these symbols that have been appearing in the field for many years but the originators of the glyphs are the true masters of understanding.

The Alien face is an entirely different situation. The lines in the face generate areas of grey from hard black and white lines. The variation in the thickness and closeness of the black lines create the amounts of visual darkness or shadow of the image. At the same time the lack of any black line allows white. (Fig. 4) This shows the technique is by a skilled engraver. Engraving is an art form which requires training and skill. Like most anything else, the longer one works at perfecting the art the better one usually gets. In a conversation with a skilled engraver I was told that it requires about 20 years to become truly proficient at the art of engraving, and there are only about 30 -50 truly efficient engravers in the USA. Only a handful of these artists, approximately 6 to 12 are efficient enough at engraving to do what is termed Bank Note engraving. Bank note engravers are the most highly skilled in this art. A tiny section of a bank note was enlarged enough to see intricate engraving qualities (Fig.5). It is important to note the style of engraving varies and differs from artist to artist. As an engraver works, he constantly stands back to view the lines to judge their thickness to see if he is accomplishing what is needed.

Engraving is a an art that began about 300 BC. The most proficient style appears to have come from Germany beginning about 3-500 years ago. It is an art that can be understood when spinning an Acanthus Thistle in ones fingers. This reveals an understanding, needed for the eyes of the engraver. As you can see from the examples of engraving, one of the ways to accomplish the details needed for the drawing is to follow the curvature of image, such as the curves of the face in the portrait.

The Alien face has a remarkable difference. It is an engraving style of art being created with horizontal lines only. These engraving lines do not follow the curves of a portrait, a very important detail to the engraver. As I suspected, an exhausting search to find this style of engraving lead only to a dead end. In my best estimate, it does not exist. fig4engravingThis face is obviously the work of a master engraver but this important detail creates a new scenario. In this portrait, because the lines do not follow the curvature of the portrait, has created a style of engraving that would be insurmountably difficult to do. The abrupt shift in the lines create a very difficult challenge in knowing just how far to shift and where to shift thicknesses of the lines, the key to engraving. I believe I did not find this style of engraving for an obvious reason. It is of no advantage to an artist who is an accomplished engraver to increase the difficulty when it does not also increase the quality. People really do not search for ways to make their job more difficult. Does an architect or and engineer search for a difficult way to do their drawings?

One must remember that engraving is a masterful art form requiring great diligence and skill. The challenge is in the image one is attempting to create. This style of engraving in the Alien is far more difficult. What makes it even more unbelievable is one must almost eliminate the possibility of being able to continuously stand back to view the work, to see if ones efforts is accomplishing the desired result. One would have to go about one thousand feet in the air to see it. To accomplish this in an area the size of two football fields is like trying to do it with a blind fold on. No one could see what they were doing so close to the surface. I was also told that some of the lines narrowed to around two inches and were barely visible from the ground level.

The disk is not a part of the same engraving. It was accomplished in the same fashion as the rest of the glyphs that appear throughout England. It appears the movie “Signs” and the timely appearance of the Alien star glyph was no coincidence. The movie opened on schedule and the Alien star glyph formation appeared one week later, making a statement that I believe should not be ignored as the Alien in the movie was so similar to the Alien in the star glyph. So then a question might be, what is being said with all of this?

fig5noteFirst lets look at an aspect of the Alien portrait and the disk in an effort to understand it a little better. There is an advertising technique where one image is superimposed on part of another image similarly to the formation at Crabtree. The purpose is either to accomplish an enlargement or make note of some area within the photo or as a statement about the photo. Examples of this are in figures 2, 3 and 4. It appears they are labeling the picture. If this advertising technique holds true with this formation then it states something very important. The movie reflected the Alien being to be of a corrupt and evil nature and would use crop circles to lure its victims. This I believe sheds light on the message. The translation was as follows…

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is good out there. We oppose DECEPTION.

One then can assume it was given by beings other than the one in the portrait. It is more than likely given by the same beings that have been gifting us these formations all along. Because it was gifted to the people of Earth, it would be a message about the Alien in the portrait and a message directed to Earth. It suggests then, this Alien would be a bearer of false gifts and broken promises and could cause a great deal of pain. This would suggest that not only the portrait was similar but so is the mannerism which was certainly reflected in the movie “Signs”. The beings sending the message, clearly oppose deception.

At this time we are getting very close to moving into the Universe. We have traveled into space, landed on the moon and sent probes to Mars. Moving into the Universe opens unfamiliar doors and a lack of understanding this could cause us great harm. For example, a person going on a journey to Africa, would at least want to be aware that there are poisonous snakes, lions and other predators. It would be important for their preparation. The same would hold true with our travels into the universe. It would be important to be aware in the event we would be confronted with beings who would make promises and offer false gifts. With this, the Star nation people are simply giving us information for our library of understanding. With this new portrait they are just simply revealing another truth that exists in our expansive universe. I do not feel there is any reason to be alarmed. So then, what of the remainder of this message– there is still time. Believe. There is good out there. To better explain this I am going to refer to a book which to me, brings this entire message into better understanding.

There are very few books which I feel are accurate representations of visitors not from our world. Most are difficult for me to trust. There was an incident which gained great notoriety within certain groups who were aware of its existence. Because of my familiarity with the gentleman Billy Meir, it is my belief this most recent book “And Yet They Fly”, is more than likely accurate. If so, then it sheds a lot of light on this message and what it says. Unless you do your own investigation on Billy Meir one will either have to take my word for this explanation or just discard it. Billy Meir was a contactee from Switzerland who over a ten to fifteen year time period had 251 encounters with beings of another world. It drew enough attention that both the Swiss and US governments got in on it at the time. Thousand of movie films and photos were taken which are found published through many books. This book suggests that our universe is teaming with life and full of very human and non human races. It suggests that there is an alliance that exists in our Universe whose members protect each other. The membership of this alliance is four times the population of earth. It also suggested that when we sent the message into the universe from the Aricebo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico we took an unknown risk. There are beings capable of transversing the universe who operate from greed and power. If they would have encountered this signal, they could and would have caused this planet great harm, as suggested in the movie “Signs”. The timely appearance of this glyph suggests a similarity in appearance and in mannerism as expressed in the movie. “And Yet They Fly”, says that beings have influenced writers and movie makers in an effort to increase our awareness of what exists.

I believe our planet is in a desperately bad place at the moment with overwhelming turmoil. Few people really recognize the state we are in, but for those that do. There is still time. Believe the planet can heal and change. Every person is a cell of a body of their country that has influence. Those who are walking the correct road are very valuable in assisting this change. The planet needs you, really needs you. Thank you for your help. In this book it was explained that there was a time here on Earth in which ancient travelers of the universe helped us. They saw the disharmony and felt we needed help and placed into the sacred wind a chant that they say has the power to influence a change on our planet. This was given to us by some beings who have great compassion and concern for us. They want to see us make it.

They say that it is said in an ancient language in this way.

“Salome gam nam bin Urda. Gan Iber asala Hesperona.”

“Peace in wisdom be on earth and among all creatures.”

This may be a stretch for many and I can not confirm its accuracy for those people. It is evident however, such a thought would certainly not cause harm and so I would only ask that one might remember this on occasion. Our thoughts do influence the planet. Every person is important to assist a needed change.

Many Blessings