Fife Scotland – A Starglyph Appears

On the day I returned home to Sedona from England this summer of 2006, a formation appeared that was significant to me. The more I looked at it, the more I could tell that the Star Nations were revealing some important elements.

First, the shape in the center above the three circles resembles an understanding I uncovered in a formation that appeared in 1999. A group I was with at that time in England, were alerted to a formation that had appeared on an early July morning. This was also the morning of a conference at which I was speaking later in the day.

two_circles_of_spiritWe all decided to make the mile walk to see the formation, which became known as the 1999 Honeystreet Starglyph. When I entered the Starglyph, I was more than taken by it. It was the 3-dimensional reflection of a symbol I had just written about a couple months before. I had published an article in several segments, over a few months, in The Spiral, a British magazine by the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group. It explained geometry I had uncovered in the Seven-Sided Snowflake Essence formation that appeared in mid July 1998. The Snowflake was the first formation I had ever walked into. I now refer to that formation as the Star Nation Book of Spiritual Knowledge because of the vast amount of geometric understandings that came from it. I spent over 3 years uncovering only part of its meanings and messages. My article in The Spiral explained that we are made of two circles of spirit, tied together at the place of the heart.

1999_honeystreetThe symbol of the inner circle is reflective of female ways of being, and it is connected to the realm of emotions and the ways of Earth. Placing a circle within a square so that the circle just touches the edges of the square creates the symbol. Such symbology carries an understanding of inner harmony. It is something the Star Nations suggest we pay attention to in this day and time. This inner circle is one of the most influential elements in our everyday world.

The outer circle is drawn so that it touches the points of the inner square. The square is an expression of our physicality here on the . The outer circle has to do with our spirit as it is connected to the sky. It symbolizes our connection to the Universe, Spirit, and the Creator. It reflects that which has no boundaries, and indicates that which has no beginning and no end. One circle is connected to the ways of the Earth; the other circle is the ways of the Sky. Together, these circles symbolize the coming together of Earth and Sky; union experienced in perfect balance. The symbol shows a perfect union with one’s inner Self and one’s connection to the Universe.

If you look closely at the Honeystreet formation there is a small mushroom shape at the inner circle.  It is a symbol of our heart connection.  It is the symbol and the circle that ties all things together.  The line from this shape to the outer circle is the heart line of connection to the universe.  Notice it rests against the inner circle.  If you look closely, it is also at the center of the Fife formation.  For me, this small mushroom shape was the key to the understanding of the Honeystreet Formation, as it was what tied these circles together.

PewseyChkras_phot2For more info, there is a great deal about this in my video The Worm and the Inner Circle Part 3. Both circles can be developed to tremendous levels. Developing these aspects within ourselves will be necessary if we are to connect to certain beings in our Universe who deal in these levels of understanding.

The Star Nation people seemed to validate my story of these two circles when they sent the Honeystreet Starglyph, composed of a sphere, a cube and outer sphere that early July ’99 morning. Essentially, the Fife Scotland glyph is the essence of the heart found in the Honeystreet Starglyph. The Star Nations are expressing the same symbology at yet another level.
The three circles entering the Fife Starglyph, represent the elements we are connected to beyond time and space. A circle with a dot at its center has many meanings. One of them is: The All and Nothing of which we are made. This symbol represents oneness with the Earth and the ability to be connected to the finest ethers in the Universe.

It is interesting that the Star Nations have incorporated a fourth circle as a part of the central symbol, which you will see if you look closely at the Fife Starglyph. It’s a beautiful way of not only showing the four winds or four directions, but also expressing an earthly understanding of our physical existence. Three circles usually represent our spiritual body, while four circles relate to our physical body. This is a beautiful way of making this delineation.

The two moon shapes that create the bulk of the Fife Scotland Starglyph reflect another understanding I uncovered in a glyph called the Chakra Formation. This formation appeared on July 22, 2004, under the Pewsey White Horse. Hidden deep within this chakra symbol were two crescent moons, found within the 3rd eye of the Starglyph. It is a complex process to understand the essential significance of the moon symbols  but very important to deciphering the meaning of the Chakra Starglyph and the geometric story it reveals. The extended understanding can be found in my DVD: Seven Sacred Fires of the Star Nation People, From the Earth to the Sky, Part 6, The Chakras.

These two crescent moons were related to a formation that appeared on Golden Ball Hill, some years before. The formation resembles two dolphins spiraling in a circle. It was constructed of a very unique form of geometry that has unusual characteristics, never really seen before in the way this Starglyph expressed it.

The understanding of such a connection was very important to the ancient Egyptians, who portrayed their awareness of its meaning in the “Eye of Ra.”eye_of_RA_small

god_eye3For a long time, the Dolphin Starglyph just seemed to be an abstract form of geometry that didn’t really seem to lead to an understanding, other than that which was obvious on the surface. When I found that same geometry within the third eye of the Chakra Formation, the Dolphin Starglyph became very understandable and also became for me, one of the more important Starglyphs to appear. The Dolphin Starglyph then opened the Chakra Starglyph’s light of understanding so that it could pour into the waters of the Universe of our third eye. The symbology, as I knew and understood it, was reflecting the deeper ways of universal and self love. It expressed swimming into the waters of the Universe and reflecting the greatest light. If one looks at water when the sun is reflecting on water, it prisms the light into magical beams made of stars that reach into every direction. This is the essence of what we are gifted with when we are able to walk with these understandings as part of our everyday world.

~ Bearcloud ~


Bearcloud began using the word “Starglyph” to describe crop circles in 1997. This term has caught on and is now being used widely across the internet; sometimes spelled as “star glyph.” Indeed, Starglyphs have found their way into primary school classrooms as art exercises, into the fabric arts and quilting, computer science technical terminology, new age and spiritual art forms, and of course become part of crop circle culture and vocabulary.

Here are some of the formats in which the words Starglyph and star glyphs being used online:
1. An Empirical Evaluation of Chernoff Faces, Star Glyphs, and Spatial Visualizations for Binary Data
2. An Interactive 3D Integration of Parallel Coordinates and Star Glyphs
3. Mayan Starglyph Galactic Signature Readings
4. Mayan Starglyph Oracle

Bearcloud often refers to the Earthmother, alternatively spelled on the internet as Earth Mother and EarthMother.

The Seven-Sided Snowflake Essence Formation. Also know as the Star Nation Book of Spiritual Knowledge

The Seven-Sided Snowflake Essence Formation. Also know as the Star Nation Book of Spiritual Knowledge


The Chakra Formation Starglyph Under the Pewsey White Horse

The Chakra Formation Starglyph Under the Pewsey White Horse