What Do We Do With the Star Glyphs?

“When the sacred minds eye unifies in balance with the heart, the universe of knowing opens. The Eagle Nations, Bear Nations, Tree Nations, Star Nations and other carriers of sacred truth will gather within your circle, each carrying their pillar of light. At your request, each will take you by the arm and illuminate your path as you journey the Earthmother.”
– Bearcloud

Going out on a night watch and encountering people returning from having created a glyph early one morning, gave me cause to reflect on my views of the Star glyphs. That morning I felt compelled by the Star Nations people to be out on Golden Ball Hill. There had been some driving force that awakened me in the early hours at around 2:30. This dream or force left me with a feeling I needed to go there. So I know that there was no mistake that all of this occurred the way it did. I was directed to see it. It gave me cause to go into ceremony to seek answers that have not fallen across my path before. I have spent several months questing for these answers. This has been partly for myself, but more importantly the people as a whole who could be influenced by these forces of the man-made formations in the future. This journey led me back to a reservation where I did additional ceremony and spoke with friends and relatives to arrive at a thought that would best address the situation. For their help, I thank them very much. It is my belief that the glyphs are headed in a direction that will begin to rock the foundations of many people who are involved. How these glyphs are perceived and handled is important. What is done with the glyphs now establishes the future and is an arena that can effect the people of earth as a whole. There is no mistake that the people who are touched by the Star glyphs and are involved are an important part of its future. Each carries an important mission with the Star glyphs, whether he/she realizes it or not. The question then becomes … what to do with it?

dolphin hoax

Golden Ball Hill 07-26-04 Hoaxers were seen a hundred or so feet from the formation at 4:15 in the morning, the day of it’s appearance.

The formations are a microcosm of the state of the planet. There is truth, chaos, deception and clarity. It is on all levels and all levels exist. Each person knows his or her part in this picture. It is not for anyone to decide or see but themselves. It is about clarity, truth, spirit, honesty, and the higher aspects the we seek in our world. In fact, it has been stated by powers in our universe that the lower realms of anger, resentment, no tolerance and ego driven attitudes are unacceptable and will be returned to the sender two fold. These lower elements are never the answer or the way, but peoples unhealed world may suggest that it is. The time has come for people to learn to move beyond these lower realms and heal themselves, to be the example of the higher walk on the earth. It is important that they not get caught in the lower realms of confusion, chaos and turbulence. Through out time, it has been important to recognize the shadow side of things but not to allow it to guide our journey or get caught in its web.

Rather than the old hierarchy of rulers and leaders who would control others and tell the people what to do, the Star glyphs open the doors for each person to carry their own staff of truth, their own pillar of light. Each person is to be a shining beacon, a doorway to the higher path many are are searching for on the earth. Higher truths can only be found by seeking them. The magic of spirit can only be felt by walking the road. The glyphs are changing the tones and frequencies by which people operate by. This action is to varying degrees, depending on the depth of interaction and contact each person has had. While some of the glyphs may reflect the ideas of scientific principles, the majority appear to be spiritual in nature. I do not believe the Star Nations can give us their advanced technology. We as a planet must evolve to these understanding on our own. The Star Nations can assist us in our evolvement. Increasing our state of consciousness increases our ability to advance and to have a greater understanding of what exists in our universe.

Within the realms of earthly process and physical world, there is a balance that can be found between night and day. In the ways of light, there is a requirement of shadow. Through this process, we as beings are in alignment with these natural elements of the universal flows, so we too are the elements of light and shadow. It is a requirement to walk on the Earthmother. It exists within us on the levels of mental, spiritual and physical planes. This shadow is part of the polarity of energies that is required for this walk on the Earthmother. In the physical and spiritual planes, it is up to us through the powers of the spiritual intellectual mind to create balance between these forces. The shadow is a necessary element for choice as we seek balance. This is the manifest of earth and sky, light and shadow, harmony and Chaos, truth and deception. Realizing the shadow exists is not to say that we condone it, follow or accept it actions. The shadow side like the light, is infinite and has no limitation in vision or ability, and is not precluded from being able to connect to the higher elements of the universe. Pushing negative forces or the shadow away from our world is an attempt to strengthen the light. It is based on good intention. It is the way that many were taught through religious organizations throughout our history. It is important to realize the shadow is always a part of us and cannot be pushed away. In doing so, creates a flow of energies to the conscious intellectual mind. It then opens a window of view that allows us to work with the energies to bring about this balance. Resistance creates resistance and is a force of ego. Judgment is a force that returns to self and closes doors to then descend into the lower mind of discontent. The shadow side of these glyphs must always remain in the shadow because the illumination of light will disassemble their world. The shadow must remain unknown for their walk and journey to exist.

Through the pillars of trust and knowledge found in balance, we can evolve to the higher place of harmony. Many will walk away from the glyphs with the idea that they are all man-made and continue their world as it has always been. However, there are many that will realize there is much more going on here and will to different degrees utilize these essences found within the gifts to our Earth. Some will learn the magical journey that unfolds from their existence. It will be to what ever level of evolvement that person has attained on their walk on this Earthmother. For some a door will open to the realization of limitless universe that we exist within. It will be to only the degree that person has chosen to open this door and their willingness to travel through it. It is up to that person to journey the road how they chose and what they make of it. There is no right or wrong, only different journeys. I wish your journey to be a good one and that the Star glyphs will assist one to the higher planes of existence on the Earth and in the Universe…

Mitakuye Oyasin

Many Blessings