A Matter of Man Made

In my estimation, very few of the formations are man-made. Now that I have been working on them for 7 years, I believe it is not really possible to walk into a formation and make this type of judgement. I feel the only way one can determine if they are man-made is if someone has witnessed it. For example, the formation at Yatesbury Fig 0. fig0This was reported to me by a friend, who was just simply returning home. She saw several cars turning up the dirt road by the field and then turn their lights off. The next morning this drawing was in the field. Although this formation was spotted by my friend, there are many formations that are not so easily seen from the road. It is important to remember there are a great number of people combing the country side every night, in hopes of catching a formation being created. So when they are man-made, they are usually spotted by someone. Even though, it is possible for people to sneak under the wire and do one without anyone’s knowledge. The statements by these people claiming to have made them, are not to be trusted.

We must work on evidence not conjecture. There are too many people willing to lie about creating them. Unfortunately, there are too many researchers that are willing to say they are man-made. They do this to support a personal belief they possess, when it has no real foundation. The evidence that such people use to
fig1_2suggest formations are man-made are elements that can also be the effects of a real or Star Nation-made ones. For example, the field called East Field received this formation Fig 1, which was immediately claimed a hoax. I happened to be waiting for the appearance of a formation in this field and was going out every morning to check it. As a result I was among the first to find it when it did appear. Keep in mind this is one of the most highly traveled roads in the area. The formation is highly visible from the road as would be someone creating it. I believe the evidence that supported this formation being man-made was the lack of straight edges and what people felt like was a shoddy lay. The same was true with the Beckhampton formation Fig. 2, which was immediately claimed a hoax. This one was deemed a hoax because of the simplicity of the circles. Both of the formations have incredible messages,
fig3 which I will be writing about later. These two formations were the most important of the year for me. When I examined the formations, a team of Italians doing research had found dead flies on standing shafts of wheat. It is important to note that dead flies are only found on standing shafts of wheat. There is an important understanding that can be found here, if one looks closely. This very tiny life form influenced or altered the energy that bends the wheat, enough to prevent that shaft of wheat from being bent over. See Fig. 3.

It has been reported that some people will get ill after going into a formation. This may be the extent of the harm inflicted on larger life forms, although this is only guessing. There was a report of a badger found dead in a formation. Whether the formation was actually the cause, we don’t really know. At the same time, there was a report of people standing in
fig4one and when they turned around and looked behind them, the formation had changed. They did not get sick and were not harmed at all. The flies that were found looked as though they were glued to the shafts with their tongues stuck to it. Researchers have found there is no apparent single energy that creates them but a combination of many influences. They have found energies such as microwave and something similar to lightning are being used. The intensity levels are so gentle as to not harm the plant. The plants will continue to grow within a formation. These energies go together and work in very subtle realms. This concept is in alignment with the nature of the symbols that are being sent. These beings work on the same levels materially as they do spiritually. The reason for the appearance of a shoddy lay in East Field was not so apparent. However, there is a reason. When I saw this formation from the air I saw something that I have seen on other occasions, such as this formation at Avybury Truesloe in 2002, Fig. 4. From the air, the lay produced a texture that left me with a feeling this glyph had originated from a piece of brushed metal. It was almost like that of an amulet. The same is true of this East Field formation. In both of these, the shafts where bent at about a 45 degree angle and some were also bent half way up the
fig5_6 stalk. From the ground it just looked messy. There are several other formations that had similar origins. All being known, we really don’t know. Several other formations have had intricate weaves that left a texture that could be seen. Each shaft of wheat is bent at different heights up the stalk, in order to obtain the flowing texture and a three dimensional aspect that is seen from the air. Another important lay is this basket in Fig. 5, which was harvested within hours after its appearance. Another basket weave that appeared is known by Native American people as a medicine shield Fig. 6. There are formations that for me take on the appearance of rug designs Fig 7,8 and 9.
fig7_8_9This formation with its pattern designs and soft edges, left me with such a feeling. In all three of these formations the wheat is bent only partially up the shaft. This brings me to another important point that people should be aware of. It is my belief the equipment the Star Nation people use to place the Star Glyph formations into a field has the ability to provide individual style of art. The device used has the capability of 3 dimensions: height, width and depth. I believe the device used could be likened to a copy machine. It does not really matter what is on the page to be copied, providing it is within the perimeters of the equipment. It will duplicate that image onto another page, very close to the original. It is my feeling that whatever is chosen to be duplicated can be put into their
fig10 device, to be placed into a field. There was a time when I worked on the idea of artistic style within the Star Glyphs. The concept being that there is more than one artist involved. Many formations had a similar style, while others had characteristics which seemed to reflect subtle reflections of style. What emerged for me over a period of time, was there were different artists involved in sending these symbols. Although I believe these symbols are being gifted by one group of beings, these symbols may come from civilizations all over our universe. There was an artist that sent symbols that I was particularly connected with, like the Seven Sided Snowflake Essence in 1998, Fig. 10. This was one of the most advanced spiritual symbols that exist and yet one of the simplest in appearance. However, the quality of this glyph in the field was less than perfect. The well known Oliver Castle Star Glyph that was videoed while being created, was another such formation. It was the spiritual content of these formations which was most important, not the execution of the geometry in the field. It was placed in the field as a symbol to get this point across. The artistic style differences in the Star Glyphs are like comparing the difference between an artist like
fig11Norman Rockwell and Van Gogh. I am not talking about the symbols themselves but the way each is executed, the qualities each artist has considered important. I would ask you which has the correct art? We must understand that correct is not an element to be recognized here. There is no right or wrong. The same is true for these Star Glyphs. To one artist perfection in rendering is important, while to the other the feeling that is created is. I believe this same sort of thing is reflected in the Star Glyphs.
fig12Another star glyph gifted was accomplished with the precision of and engineers handiwork and tools. The being who did this Star Glyph felt that an engineers accuracy was needed Fig. 11. This concept has eluded the researchers. They have based their understandings of formations being man-made on the state of perfection in which it was found in the field. I feel the belief that these formations must be sent in perfection is an inaccurate assumption. Who says they have to have these elements in order to be Star Nation-made? I believe the equipment used will replicate even a rendering in loose hand, such as a sketch. A formation that was not rendered with an engineer’s or an architect’s tools for example, was the formation at Litchfield Hants on July 9, 2003, Fig 12. This has obvious imperfections if one is looking at it from a mechanical drawing stand point. Yet this formation has an incredible feeling of accomplishment, spirit and feeling. For me, this formation did not have the type of imperfections found in fields where planks where used to lay a crop. The imperfections that are found in this Star Glyph suggest the qualities of a well executed artist sketch that possesses within it … an absolute perfection and stunning beauty.

It is my belief there were four formations that may have been man-made in 2003 : Fig. 13, Fig 14, Fig. 15, Fig. 16. On rare occasions the Star Nations will send formations that are small. The last two examples Fig. 15 and 16 are too small. They are about a tramline wide. They also do not have the qualities of beauty like in the Litchfield formation. These formations have the type of qualities that afig13re the results of not being able to see what one is doing at ground level or on the drawing board so to speak. It also has the type of problems encountered when one is trying to draw on a paper too large without the correct tools. It is these types of aspects that I recognize from being a professional artist for many years. These formations have an imperfection to them that feels erroneous and suggest that it might be made by miscalculated planks. Also they lack a message that I could find. However I can not prove any of this. As I have stated, the first was claimed and spotted as a man-made formation Fig. 13. fig14_16This one we know was man made. Until further proof, the remainder of this years formations are unexplained anomalies. Any other must be proven that it was created by man.