The Procession of Symbols


There has been a significant pattern appearing with the Star Glyphs since the 1990’s. Periodically through out our history, the Star Nation people may have been sending these glyphs, awaiting for an appropriate response. In this well known Wood cut from 1678 shows the possibility of attempts some 400 years ago. The mentality of the people had not evolved enough for these glyphs to begin their procession, nor had the technology. Before the 1990’s these formations began with only a few appearing each year since the 60’s. In the 80’s, there was an apex with 21 formations recorded in England in 1987. Very few people were aware of them at that time and formations may have been overlooked for a record of it’s existence. It was only the farmers and a few interested people trying to understand what was happening, that were involved. The Star Glyphs had not yet caught on and attracted world attention, but soon those doors would open. What is significant is the dramatic jump that was made in 1990, with nearly 80 formations appearing.

These formations began an incline in quantity which apexes in 1999 with 149 formations appearing in England, that year alone. The year 2000 started a decline with 124 formations and then 90 in 2001. The decline persisted. In 2003 there were 73. The decline is a gentle one and may even incline with some years. It is my belief that this symbolic transmission will dwindle to its minimum at the year 2012. This is a significant date. It is the end and beginning of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar is an important one, while it recognizes the circle of a day and year, it does so in alignment with the sun, moon, and our universe. It is a spiritually motivated calendar.

It is my belief these transmissions became recognized by people of earth in 1990. Enough people had gathered in realization there was something significant here with the glyphs. It was a collective energy of people that had evolved to a necessary point. Also, technology had reached a point that allowed these glyphs to be appropriately recorded. We had the ability then to see these glyphs from the air and cameras had become common place. It is only since the the 21st century that we have had these abilities. The culmination of these elements opened the door. Once the Star Nation saw these aspects in place, they initiated their symbolic transmissions to the Planet Earth. It built in energy and quantity until 1999. It apexes in the final year of the Gregorian calendar, our millenniums end This is also important. Not only was it the symbolic end of the millennium but also the end of the Age of Pisces. We began our entrance into the Age of Aquarius. A fitting time in the universal scheme of things for the Star Glyphs apex. These are all elements the people of Planet Earth would recognize. The above chart shows the entrance and apex year by year and has a projection of the end of the transmissions of these star glyphs. It is my belief however they will not end at that point. I believe they will maintain contact and continue to send formations for many years to come. I am estimating them continuing at least 30 years or so, with a quantity of approximately 1 to 5 a year. It will more than likely end in a similar manner as it began prior to the 1990’s. There were only a few each year beginning in approximately the 60”s. These will be for the benefit or those who have been intimately involved with these glyphs and an expression of a continued contact. It is my belief these beings work on very sensitive levels of understanding. They recognize the subtleties of the impact they have on people who are involved.

There are other aspects of the Star Nations transmissions that will be in my talks as the year progresses. I will be discussing the importance of two different types of formations that appear.
I wish you a good journey.