Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to develop the largest project on Earth to assist the spirit of humanity, the Chameleon Pyramids Project.


Help us bring together (our mission statement) this haven that weds our natural world with cutting edge science, integration mathematics, artistry, technology, and renewable energy sciences into reality.

We are endeavoring to build a 476-foot structure of 17 interlocking glass pyramids, which will house a labyrinth of magical gardens, woven together with geometric form. The solarium will offer a space for quiet reflection and an opportunity to experience the history of our ancient cultures of Earth through geometrics – a symbolic language known by indigenous cultures the world over.

This garden oasis is being created as a gathering place to assist the peoples of the world in restoring harmony to our planet. The project is designed to educate humanity to the issues facing us as a people and to create solutions that incorporate ancient philosophy and indigenous wisdom. The gardens welcome people to journey through a universe of geometrical environmental art and leading edge architecture, promoting a philosophical and higher conceptual understanding of mathematics, symbols, science, and their relationship to ourselves and the Earth. The entire facility provides a place to revitalize and rekindle kinship with nature. Symbols designed throughout the Chameleon Project encourage an awareness of the commonalities and innate qualities existing between all peoples of the Earth. We are all related. ~ Creating a world in harmony.