About the Gardens

gardens11The proposed gardens are being designed to utilize the energy movements of sacred geometry. The garden’s, structures and symbols, are intended to be found in the heartfelt inspiration of the whole facility, a living expression of organic gardening, water conservation, varied uses of solar power, and other means of honor for the Earth Mother upon which we live and from which we draw our sustenance. The Chameleon Project Foundation is an environmentally sound and ecologically safe non-profit organization.  gardens9

This monumental structure, a massive 47 story pyramidal green house which is the centerpiece of a 17 pyramid complex has its roots in Bearcloud’s vision of a structure he calls the Chameleon Pyramids, a structure which he later discovered to be related, mathematically, to the famed Mendlebrot Fractal, as well as having roots in ancient Indigenous culture.
Modern, scientific understanding of such designs indicate that ancient societies experienced some level of innate understanding of advanced mathematics and explored  the very structure of a holographic or fractal universe.

7 firesThe implications are profound and can be further studied and explored in Bearcloud’s book 7 Fires: Secrets from the Stars, the research of which is the basis of the Chameleon Project itself.