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Chameleon Project

World Peace Gardens


The Chameleon Project (501 (c) 3) non-profit organization is a development plan of a towering pyramidal complex serving as an unprecedented sanctuary of wisdom as well as a natural wellspring of peace. Share in the joy of creating this beautiful and inspiring oasis of gardens!

The Chameleon Project is a proposed development, the product of a series of visions experienced by Chief Bearcloud, a Native American master artist and owner of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

This unusual, mystical, pyramid structure is being designed to be enjoyed by simply taking a stroll through endless, ever-changing gardens created in an array of geometric designs. Amid this sanctuary one can also enjoy a deeper journey into its innate ancient wisdom and symbolic language. We envision ethereal doorways for one to journey into the noetic sciences or the meaning of universal fractal imagery, or explore the deepest nature of the earth and universe.

Help us bring together this haven that weds our natural world with cutting edge science, integration mathematics, artistry, technology, and renewable energy sciences into reality.

We are endeavoring to build a 476-foot structure of 17 interlocking glass pyramids, which will house a labyrinth of magical gardens, woven together with geometric form. The solarium will offer a space for quiet reflection and an opportunity to experience the history of our ancient cultures of Earth through geometrics - a symbolic language known by indigenous cultures the world over.

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You Can Help!

The Chameleon Project Foundation, a 501 C (3) non-profit organization invites you to become a member of our universal family – together; we can make the vision a reality!


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Native American Master Artist


Bearcloud is a seer or vision seeker and the author of the groundbreaking book Seven Fires: Secrets from the Stars which explains in depth the hidden and universal language of ancient symbols which he discovered in the Pyramids of Egypt. These symbols, star glyphs, and geometric forms correlate to the wisdom of all ancient and Indigenous cultures.

The Chameleon Project is a vision of an oasis of peace born of Bearcloud’s twelve years of research for his book Seven Fires: Secrets from the Stars and the visions which inspired the work..

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