Bearcloud Statement

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A Statement from Chief Bearcloud

Since childhood I have been what in my world is called a vision seeker. Visions are as integral a part of my world as the water I drink and the air I breathe. With pallet and brush in hand, I put these visions to canvas most of my lifetime. As an artist and gallery owner, I felt no need to explore beyond the realm of my Spirit world as it existed, yet one day a magazine depicting crop circle image revealed symbols so profound they triggered my higher senses leaving me with a feeling there was something profoundly important.

The vision I experienced during my travels and the discoveries I made regarding these crop circles are documented in my book 7 Fires: Secrets From the Stars. Deep in the treads of the crop circles I saw hidden native symbols that had already been so woven into my world, it was like a calling from some ancient ancestors.

During my journey’s to England, researching and exploring the crop circle phenomenon, I experienced deep concern, which rose into my visions. What I saw as magical, but others raged in conflict as tremendous dispute ensued over the legitimacy of these crop circles. I stood back watching the overwhelming conflict, as the polarities surrounding it grew stronger, encroaching over the entire topic. Were they real or were they not real?

I was shown a vision of how crop circles were tied to the pyramids of Egypt, a vision which revealed truths that no one in this day could have known without these keys. The crop circles were showing a pathway to understand the hidden language of the pyramids. They revealed details so irrefutable that they appeared to have been produced from a knowledge that I believe, could have only come from the original architect. But the question arises of how can that be and who could have done such a thing?

I saw Crop circles that also reflected hidden native symbols. They were so well conceived that they appeared to have originated from the strong visions of our ancient mystics. The symbolic stories appearing in the grain fields were like a poetic dance of sacred light, illustrating a pure form of symbolic language. This is a part of our ancient ways going back to the beginning, the old ones knew these truths. The crop circles were expressing these truths in a way unknown to us, as they contained the original messages spun within the unseen matrix of their design. How could such a similarity appear at random in some obscure field, far removed in another part of the globe, unannounced and unclaimed? They carry magical qualities, as if pulled from the heart of the Earthmother and rolled together with the breeze of sacred winds.

I came to call these masterful symbols Starglyphs. The name came out of the insights I received from crop circles in 1998, insights which revealed a library of information beyond our present knowledge. I saw that mystical symbols had been given to this planet, which are being slowly forgotten, lost in the ethers of the internet. They are on a road which is disappearing, forever unless we change this direction, in a similar manner in which – the secrets of the pyramids have become lost.

The true nature of the pyramids has vanished over the eons, disappearing into the blowing winds of the Sahara Desert. Both the starglyphs and the secrets of the pyramids possess universal truths which can assist the people in near incomprehensible ways. They have left me with only one conclusion, there is something magical in all of these discoveries which is meant for all the people.

Some of these starglyphs have been given by an unknown, highly advanced source that seems to understand the common thread of oneness throughout the universe, an understanding which exists in all ancient, indigenous cultures. This understanding is one of the core elements that sparked the vision of the Chameleon Project.

During this time another disturbing vision crossed my path showing humankind hurling headlong into an ultimate path of destruction. There was nothing really out there that seemed to be profoundly affecting this detrimental course. The disputes that were happening in the crop circle community seemed a microcosm of what is happening across the entire planet. We are living on a planet that is becoming more and more disharmonious. There are many pathways working toward healing the disharmony, but in actuality the shadows are still growing at a greater rate.

In my vision I saw a door open which could transform these energies from disharmony to that of harmony, a magical place I call the Chameleon Project. It is a super structure designed in accordance with these otherworldly and ancient symbols or starglyphs, given to us from beyond.

Inside this structure is a symbolic language not unlike the symbolic language found in Native ways, ancient Egyptian, or those ways of the Eastern people. Maybe it’s better categorized as something found in all the ancient indigenous cultures around the Earth as it involves all peoples. These symbols bridge language and speak to the core of all mankind, from all walks of life, all creeds, nations, and all races, as they have done in Native ways for thousands of years.

The Chameleon Project is an unprecedented temple of wisdom, a garden of peace, and a caldron of contemplation. It is a place to come to understand our connections to the Earth and the Sky. Because of it’s natural principals it has the power to assist the people in transforming the auric field being produced by mankind on our Earthmother. It could be understood as a mathematical fractal, forever emitting universal code into the etheric winds heard innately by all peoples. It is a bridge of sacred mind, and a place to recognize spirit. Yet it can also be experienced as a garden for observing beauty.

I hope you can share in this vision with me, and help us make the vision a Reality by manifesting this fractal diamond on Earth and opening the doorways to our prismatic and universal peace garden.
Wishing you a most magical journey.