The Gardens

The Gardens are geometric symbols  that are incorporated into each garden design. The floral patterns off continuous changes to color. The floral patterns offer continuous changes of color.gardenShot_200

It not only expresses what the project is about, but also continually creates beautiful changes for returning visitors. In all indigenous traditions, geometric forms carry pure stories about our connections to the Earth, Spirit and our Universe. It is the only form that bridges all cultures and languages and speaks purely to one’s spirit. Bear Cloud has chosen 200 crop circle designs, which he calls starglyphs, to be incorporated into the Chameleon Project. They carry powerful stories about these connections. You can find the meaning of these symbols, although they are actually infinite messages. Examples of the symbols are being created in cities around the world, showing the spirit that moves through huge symbols that have been created in these garden sites. You can walk through these inspirational garden symbols and feel their magic.

The Mandela of Walkways is divided into four quadrants with numbers assigned to the various geometric shapes inside each. The center portions (blue) are located inside the Chameleon Project. (click image to enlarge)

The overall design of the garden structure is based on the same geometric foundations as the pyramids in Egypt. Bearcloud made significant discoveries about the original intention behind the unusual layout of the pyramid structure intended by the Ancient Egyptian mystics. These discoveries are outlined in his book ‘7 Fires’.

Bearcloud suggests geometric forms carry energies. They can be felt in the original pyramids, as well as in the Chameleon Project structure. These invisible forces of spirit can be felt by all and open the door to realms important to everyone.

7 fires 7 Fires is now an E-Book.  Purchase today, CLICK HERE

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