Radio Podcast ~ Chameleon Project With Bearcloud
The meeting place for science and spirit

Radio PodcastChameleon Project Radio Podcast is a show which focuses on the cutting edge sciences of today, sciences now evidencing deeper ancient truths, in the spiritual, ecological, mathematical, symbolic, structural, astral, and astronomical realms and more.

Founded by renowned Native American artist Bearcloud of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, the show is a also born of the vision of Chief Bearcloud’s non-profit organization the Chameleon Project. The Chameleon Project is a development plan of a towering pyramidal complex serving as an unprecedented sanctuary of wisdom as well as a natural wellspring of peace. Share in the joy of creating this beautiful and inspiring oasis of gardens!

To learn more about Bearcloud’s vision please purchase his book 7 Fires: Secrets From the Stars.

All of mankind, all of creation, is like a web, each of us holds a thread in this web and our very thought pulls on it, changes the shape and form of it. The more good thought we put into the world, the more energetic symmetry we create and the more this flows through our world.” – Chief Bearcloud