Chameleon Project

7 firesFounder and director, Chief Bearcloud
is what in Native tradition is known as a vision seeker. He is a seer. To learn about the mystery of the Chameleon Pyramids and how Bearcloud’s visions of these became manifest as the development project of the Chameleon Project Foundation, please read Bearcloud’s book  7 Fires: Secrets From the Stars.

Our Mission

Bearcloud and the Chameleon Project Foundation Team are devoted to the development of The Chameleon Project World Peace Gardens and the mission of creating a world cultural and science center of peace and harmony among all nations, races, creeds, walks of life, and philosophies.

We are building a universe of sacred geometrical and environmental art coupled with cutting edge architecture, thus promoting a higher conceptual understanding of mathematics, symbols, science, and their relationship to ourselves and our Earth Mother, as has been understood by ancient indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Symbols designed throughout the Chameleon Project encourage an awareness of the commonalities and innate qualities existing between all peoples of the Earth and foster the deeper understanding among peoples that – we are all related, we are One.

Our on campus Bearcloud Gallery will feature renowned artists whose vision is in harmony with our principles and mission.

Our special events and speakers will reflect the best of those who are changing the world paradigm for the better – in science, ancient wisdom, mathematics, the arts, music, dance, the philosophies – without limit we will strive to draw the greatest minds in world change.

Our Chamelon Project Radio Broadcasts and Podcasts will hold the same standard and have a similar guest line up as that of our featured speakers for special events.

We are at your service for peace and transformation.

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