Board Members

Board Members are dynamic individuals that believe in the Chameleon Project.



~ Founder/Overseer ~ Bearcloud refers to himself as the Overseer of the Chameleon Project, rather than using the corporate titles given to such positions. He explains that it is his mission to make sure that all unseen elements are brought to the surface so that all flows smoothly like a gentle river. He feels this is important for the overall project and its eventual outcome.

He began the initial phases of the Chameleon Project in the year 2000. Bearcloud is a vision-seeker and has spent his lifetime in this capacity as an artist. He has owned his own gallery for 25 years. His abilities are now focused towards the Chameleon Project. He considers himself a bridge between the native world and the contemporary world.


Chief Golden Light Eagle

~ Also known as Standing Elk and Chief Black Spotted Horse, is a hereditary Chief of the Yankton Sioux Nation ~ Chief Golden Light Eagle is a bridge between the native world and contemporary world, dedicated to assisting people with their connections to the earth, spirit and universe. He is what is known as a Wicasa Wakan, or Spiritual Elder. *He will be assisting in addressing the questions to the Council of Elders. He will be bringing questions to the Council of Elders. The questions will show how the Elders view issues involving the nation and the world.

Gigi Rock

Gigi Rock – Treasurer – Promotions Director

~Gigi comes to us in a very eclectic way. She has a Masters’ Degree in Cultural Anthropology.  She has worked with many different cultural tribes, in media, recognition and event production and is a connector for creations and people. She has 20+ years of experience managing projects, sales, marketing, operations, personnel, and corporate levels for both start-up and established companies. She is a strong leader with a motivational management style and a reputation for building and retaining highly motivated networks and teams.

Renee Guenette ~ Board Member

Loren Guenette ~ Board Member

Terry Trent ~ Board Member

Kate Finn ~ Board Member