About the Chameleon Project

The Chameleon Project is a proposed development, the product of a series of visions experienced by Chief Bearcloud, a Native American master artist and owner of Bearcloud Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

7 firesBearcloud is a seer or vision seeker and the author of the groundbreaking book 7 Fires: Secrets from the Stars which explains in depth the hidden and universal language of ancient symbols which he discovered in the Pyramids of Egypt. These symbols , star glyphs, and geometric forms correlate to the wisdom of all ancient and Indigenous cultures. The Chameleon Project is a vision of an oasis of peace born of Bearcloud’s twelve years of research for his book 7 Fires:  Secrets from the Stars and the visions which inspired the work.

The Chameleon project is first a proposed complex of entirely unique and energetic beauty unfolding in both the building and landscape architecture fashioned in order to effect an experience of genuine consciousness raising merely by walking the grounds. Based on the energy mathematics of fractals, the entire complex, upon completion, will in actuality be a combination of fractal designs, thus enhancing human consciousness on profound and not so hidden levels, for today’s noetic sciences are fast uncovering the power of sacred geometry, meditation, sound, light and other ancient and Indigenous methods, to elevate consciousness and deepen brain wave states.

The Chameleon Project is also being organized as a place where leaders in cutting edge sciences of spirit, such as quantum physics, string theory, fractal mathematics, the science of sound and its uses in healing and higher consciousness, the science of meditation, as well as experts in the natural preservation and restoration of our Earth Mother’s planetary balance, can meet, present their work, and fellowship with visitors from around the world in an environment which actually reflects their work materially.