Featured Artists

Ojibwa Manitou’s

Inspired by the beauty of their two and four-legged “neighbors”, they began collaborating on the creation of animal totem figures, called Little Manitou.  Each piece is delicately hand carved and painted by Kevin using woodland materials native to the region.  Drawing upon her OJIBWA heritage, Shawn then adorns each figure with beautifully fashioned, intricately designed Native Costumes.  Furs used are rabbit (farmed as food source), raccoon, coyote and beaver acquired as scraps abundant in the Minnesota woodlands.  Whole pelts are never purchased and no animal is ever sacrificed to create these exquisite totems.  Pieces average 21” tall.


Bearcloud Gallery is proud to present authentic Native American Navajo Jewelry with cutting edge design work and craftsmanship by Stoneweaver.  This award winning design trendsetter is, for the first time ever, presenting their rarest museum quality pieces in a gallery.

Each item is a one of a kind creation utilizing rare heirloom quality stones including exceptional, pure Arizona Turquoise and minerals that exist nowhere else in the world.  Many of the gemstones featured have been held privately and were collected over decades from mines that no longer exist and are now owned by Stoneweaver.

Jewelry styles range from traditional to contemporary and feature a vibrant array of colors handcrafted into beautiful inlay, overlay, and cornrow designs. Encompassing the finest detail and the utmost in quality, Stoneweaver has truly created a new level of Native American art and it is found exclusively in Sedona here at Bearcloud Gallery.