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With the blinding pace that most of us run our lives, it isn’t always easy to see the forest for the trees. As a result, we miss the opportunities to enjoy all that we have passed at the dead run. But then, there are some people who make it their goal to experience as
much of their existence as they can - Bearcloud is such a person. When asked if he had a personal message for our readers, he replied, “Yes, there are a lot of different ways to find balance and peace. A lot of religions are ways to accomplish that. I think a lot of people are
doing that today: I, in the Indian way, The Taoist priest in his, and you in yours. All tap into the universal spirit: Messages, if one listens very closely, can be found on the winds.”

“I spread my dreams across the face of a canvas to enlighten those who would know Spirit and the ways of the earth. But with my limited knowledge, I am able to only scratch the surface of the vast universe of knowing,” says Bearcloud, renowned Native American artist.
The wondrous fruition of his vision has helped Bearcloud’s reputation as an artist to grow at a startling pace during the last couple of years. “It’s accelerated way beyond my expectation,” he said, “I feel very fortunate to have this gift that has been given to me.”

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Buddhist sand paintings carry messages such as healing the earth or healing ones journey on the planet. There is a ‘T’ shape that’s found among the many symbols inside this painting, on each of the four sides. These ‘T’ shapes can be different colors as illustrated
here. This shape is an ancient symbol that has been a part of their traditions since their beginning. These ‘T’ shapes are doors by which the spirits of the sand painting can move freely in and out to do their work. ‘T’ shapes are mystical doors to the unseen worlds.

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